COVID-19: Health And Safety Are Our #1 Concern

Open For Service. Masks Required.

We look forward to seeing you again! Our hospital is re-opened effective Wednesday June 2nd.  We will continue to take safety precautions and appreciate your cooperation as we strive to keep you, our team, and their family members safe!

We have a few easy procedures for you to follow:

  1. A face mask is required for everyone in order to enter the building, even if you are vaccinated. Mouth and nose must be fully covered at all times. If you are unable to be masked, just let us know and we can provide curbside service.
  2. Call us immediately if you have Covid or have been exposed in the last 14 days. Curbside service can be provided.
  3. Only one person will be permitted in the exam room with the doctor. Additional family members are only permitted during euthanasia appointments.
  4. When you arrive for an appointment, surgery, lodging or any other reason, please sign in on our new clipboard at the front desk and have a seat. We will assist you as quickly as possible!
  5. Cats & exotics can use our cat entrance and sign in on a clipboard there.
  6. Please continue to call ahead for prescription and food refills. Payment will be taken in advance of your arrival.
  7. Our Client Care Specialists will assist you with any additional questions.