Employment Opportunities at Trooper Veterinary Hospital


This is a very unique, part-time position with a shared apartment provided free of charge.

Trooper Vet is located on the outskirts of beautiful Valley Forge National Park and the King of Prussia shopping area, about 25 northwest of the sports and entertainment of Philadelphia. We are close to public transportation as well as a large network of hiking and biking trails.

Our ideal candidate will be an experienced veterinary assistant, but we will consider candidates who have excellent prior experience in various veterinary or animal care positions.

This is a great opportunity for pre-vet students, animal science and biology majors who want to gain valuable experience in the veterinary field. Many of our previous assistants have gone on to become veterinarians.

Required skills will include:

  • Ability to restrain animals in a manner that minimizes stress to patients, and ensures the safety of patients and people using restraints such as muzzles, towels, gloves, leashes or nets.
  • Safely and effectively perform venipunctures in a manner that minimizes trauma to patients and injury to veins.
  • Perform the collection and preparation of urine and fecal samples.
  • Ability to set up and read blood glucose test strips, and urinalysis dipsticks.
  • Triage skills such as obtaining heart rate, temperature, Respiratory rate and CRT
  • Efficiently and accurately administer medications orally and via IV or SQ injection
  • Proficient with the monitoring and nursing of patients on IV fluid pumps.
  • Ability to provide support to the veterinarian with restraint and positioning of patients for radiographs, sedation/anesthesia, procedures and for the purpose of euthanasia.
  • Excellent math skills and medical terminology knowledge.
  • Should be willing, skilled, and eager to supervise and support kennel staff while on duty.

You will work closely with our veterinarians and technicians and will gain valuable hands on experience. Your after hours, on-duty time will be spent treating or monitoring animals (medicating, administering injections, monitoring IV’s, etc.) as well as supervising or assisting animal caretakers. Many of the patients in your care will be medical lodgers. You will also work closely with our veterinarians if there are any hospitalized patients.

On average, you would only be “on-duty” about 20 hours per week. That typically includes about 7 hours of hands on work. The rest of that time, you are in the building, but can be studying or relaxing.

We have found this position to be ideal for students or those with part-time positions.

You and another Veterinary Assistant will occupy our large, sunny, second floor apartment. There are two bedrooms, a large bathroom, full living room and kitchen with full appliances. The apartment is fully furnished and is provided to you rent and utility free in exchange for your after-hours care of patients 2 evenings a week and every other weekend and holiday.

In addition to living rent and utility free, you are compensated with a $300 monthly stipend.

Your after-hours schedule will typically be two weekday evenings from close (7:30PM) until about 10:30PM. You would also cover every other weekend (Friday PM, Saturday PM and all day Sunday) as well as every other holiday. You are required to stay/sleep in the apartment overnight but will not be working overnight.

**Additional paid hours (typically 10-30 hours per week depending on your availability) are available working as a vet assistant during office hours Mon-Sat.

Other requirements:

  • Must be able to lift and assist lifting large dogs, sometimes over 50lbs.
  • Must be energetic, organized, responsible, sharp and possess a very positive attitude!
  • Apartment and hospital grounds are strictly non-smoking.
  • Apartment is on the second floor with indoor stairs to access.
  • Personal dogs & cats are not permitted to live in the apartment. Some cage/aquarium animals are permitted. We have plenty of dogs and cats here that we want you to love and spend time with!
  • Our apartment is provided for employee living only.
  • We are seeking a long-term employee but need a minimum one-year commitment due to the length of your training time.


Tell us why you would be our next awesome veterinary assistant!

We are much more likely to call you if you do!

Please include the following:

  1. Your anticipated work/school schedule for the coming year.
  2. WHY you are interested in this unique veterinary experience.
  3. How long you anticipate this live-in position fitting into your career plan. (Example: Applying to Vet Schools in the fall of 2021, etc.)

Please email Wendy at TrooperVetCareers@gmail.com