Please download and complete a New Patient Information Form for each pet. Please e-mail, fax, drop off or mail, if time permits, along with your pet’s medical records. Having your records ahead of time for the doctor to review will help us to best care for your pet as well as prevent a delay in your appointment.

If you have any problems printing this form, let us know so we can fax, e-mail, or mail it to you. If you plan to complete your paperwork upon arrival, please be sure to arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.


Please bring a fresh stool sample if you are bringing a new puppy or kitten, or if your pet is experiencing intestinal problems. Stool samples should be no more than 12 hours old. Make sure it is retrieved promptly from the yard to avoid environmental parasite infestation. Samples can be refrigerated but should not be frozen. Please call us ahead of time if you need assistance with directions or have other questions. Please bring any medications that your pet is currently on for the doctor to review.

Fax 610-539-4851 E-mail TrooperVet@gmail.com


First time registration takes about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time with the doctor.
We are located in a heavy traffic area so you will want to allow for traffic congestion when planning your visit. When you get to our location and see Walgreen’s you have found us. Our building is right behind Walgreen’s and we share the parking lot. See our main page for map and directions.


At Trooper Veterinary Hospital, we believe your time is as valuable as ours and we try to keep our appointments in a timely manner. The following information can help us accomplish that goal.
We see our patients by appointment, and see emergencies anytime we are open. Sometimes patients arrive unexpectedly and need urgent and immediate care. Please be assured that if your pet is in this situation, we will give them the same urgent attention.


We will make every effort to assure you do not wait because of other clients arriving late. In fairness to others, if you arrive late for your scheduled appointment, we will try to accommodate you by giving you the next available appointment time, or by rescheduling your appointment.

Please give us the courtesy of 12 hours notice for appointment cancellations. An office call fee will be charged for missed appointments.