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Valentine’s Day Safety Tips for Pets

Poison Control tends to see an increase in calls around Valentine's Day due to candy or plant ingestion.  If you are sending a bouquet to someone who has pets, let the flower folks know to NOT include lilies!  These flowers are toxic to cats and can cause a host of issues from lethargy to vomiting to, in extreme cases, death.  Likewise, if you are the recipient of a lovely bouquet, be sure to sort out the plants that may be dangerous to your pets.  Need a list?  Check out the ASPCA's toxic and non-toxic library here: 

Chocolates and treats sweetened with xylitol are also a danger to pets.  Chocolate contains methylxanthines which are stimulants that can affect multiple organ systems leading to life-threatening conditions.  Ingesting xylitol can result in a sudden drop in blood sugar which can result in depression, loss of coordination and seizures.  Keep these items out of reach of pets!

Wrapping paper, ribbons, string, balloons…all of these are fun items for pets to play with and chew.  However, if swallowed, these items can cause choking or an obstruction.  Clean up these items promptly and find other appropriate chew toys for your pets.

Check out these other safety tips (thorns, fire, alcohol) from the ASPCA and have a fantastic and safe Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day from Louie and his snaggle tooth!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Louie and his snaggle tooth!