Our friends at Lap of Love (http://www.lapoflove.com/Home) have put together these helpful resources:

Quality of Life Scale

Daily Diary

Pet Quality of Life Calendar.  

When evaluating your pet's quality of life, it is important to take patient and family information into consideration in order to make an educated choice that is appropriate for your pet’s medical condition but also your wishes and expectations.  In making this difficult decision, you are assessing not only your pet's quality of life but  your family's quality of life as well.  These handouts can provide information that can help you reach an informed decision when considering euthanasia.  Do you have questions?  We can help.  Our doctors can meet with you and your pet for a Quality of Life consultation which can be helpful in determining if there are additional choices for pain management, palliative care, or if euthanasia is the most humane option.

We are here to help make this difficult process as smooth as possible for both you and your pet.  

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