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Dogs and Peanut Butter

Does your pet love peanut butter as much as Louie does?!

Did you know that some “natural” peanut butters contain Xylitol?

If you do give peanut butter to your pets, we recommend checking the ingredients to be safe. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol commonly used in candy, chewing gum, some baking products and some peanut butters. While the compound doesn't affect glucose levels in people, Xylitol is toxic to animals. Pets ingesting items sweetened with xylitol could develop a sudden drop in blood sugar, often in at little as 20 minutes and liver failure can begin in 24 hours. It is crucial that pet owners seek veterinary treatment immediately when a pet may have ingested Xylitol. It is also important to know that the onset of clinical signs could be delayed as much as 12 hours after ingestion. Therefore, it is important to remember that even if a pet does not develop signs right away, it does not mean that problems won’t develop later on. Signs that your dog or cat may have swallowed a product containing Xylitol include a sudden lack of coordination, vomiting, lethargy and, eventually, seizures and possibly coma. Xylitol is believed toxic to the liver and can result in liver failure or even death if left untreated. As always, call us immediately if you have a concern for your pet.

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