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Contaminated Pet Food

If you think your pet has eaten contaminated food, please contact us immediately.  You can also contact the FDA to submit the details of your concern:

Your report will be reviewed by the FDA to determine if any follow-up is possible or needed based on the information provided. Follow up could include pet food or treat collection or diagnostic sampling from your pet for analysis. Even if your pet food product or other samples are not tested, information from your report will help with the FDA’s efforts to monitor and ensure pet food safety through adverse event and product problem surveillance. You may choose to have your pet food product tested by a private laboratory; however, it may be costly to have numerous tests conducted on your sample. Please note that FDA cannot cover your private laboratory testing costs or provide reimbursement for veterinary costs associated with your animal’s illness. Please be assured that FDA continues to devote time, energy and resources at multiple levels of the agency to monitor reports of illness that could potentially be related to pet foods and to determine their root causes where possible.